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Day Ten

And now to TODAY!  This day was eventful.  Between going out with my brother to get his beloved teriyaki bowls, and arriving JUST IN TIME for when Gabriel woke up (and luckily he didn't start bawling when he saw that my dad was the only one there to take care of him, and his own daddy was nowhere in sight), and planning an itinerary (all my doing) for the rest of my brother's stay here so he can go to and eat everything he wanted to do before he leaves to go back to Indiana, you would think I would be tired, today, too.  But I didn't have to get up agaisnt my will this morning, and that helped...not to mention I spent a lot of time reading today.  (Melusine is pretty addictive.  Poor Felix!  It's almost hard to read...)

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Day Nine

Yesterday is kind of a blur.  I was exhausted from the moment I woke up because my brother wanted to go to Millbrae Pancake House.  He wakes me up just before 9, after I don't even know what time I got to sleep the night before, then takes about two hours to get ready!  I only had two entries in mind to put on here, but now I can only remember one...What happened to yesterday?  I can't even remember what we did!  I knew I should have updated yesterday, but I could barely function by the end of the day.
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Day Eight

I didn't post two days ago because, well, this is a diary of animal events in my life, and I can usually tie something back into those events.  Yesterday, two days ago, nothing really shattering in my world of animals happened.   I was SUPPOSED to come to the Humane Society that day, and I would have been the only volunteer, but my mom insisted I call out so we could go to the beach with Gabriel.  So, I called out. We didn't even go to the beach, either, because there was a bit of a fog rolling in from the distance, and my mom though that Gabriel would catch a horrible cold or something, and so we didn't go to the beach.  We went to San Bruno Park.  And let me tell you, I remember why I hated being a kid so much.  The world was a scary place, and other little kids didn't help.  Like the little girl who kept trying to play with whatever Gabriel was playing with, thus taking said items from him, or the 10/12 year old boys who insisted they were 5 years old so they could play around in the little kids section.  My mom got pissed and yelled at them to get off the playground.  Eventually, they left.

Anyway, so I was thinking, "What to do, what to do, when I have a day that had nothing correlating with animals and I want to continue posting for 365 days?

Then I thought, I have a lot of stories involving animals...I have also had a lot of animals.  So I could totally do animal profiles and animal stories from the past for days where it's the same mundane animal life.

So, without further ado - Sadie.
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Day Seven


Oh....what?....oh, right...*yawn* updating like I swore I would...for....



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I really am dead tired.  So goodnight.</div>

Day six

Erik and Gabriel have come back to California!!  From now until July 7th.  We spent all morning doing last minute cleaning - the type of cleaning you can ONLY do last minute because I have so many pets, we can't afford to do it a day before lest all the fur end up right back where we cleaned.  My cats also woke me up very early this morning.  Both cats were in my room last night, but Kiska usually sleeps in the guest room.  So the first 10 minutes last night, the cats were wrestling on my bed, as though 2 in the morning was a good time to wrestle.  And as I mentioned, I was awoken in the morning by TWO cats begging to get out of the room.  Then I had to take care of everything for the pets, and so I was wide awake yet tired at 8 in the morning.  Now I'm a little exhausted...
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Day Five

Well, today (or yesterday, I should say), Farrah Faucet died of anal cancer which spread to her liver, and Michael Jackson died of heart failure, possible complications to prescription drugs. Everyone seems to be catching onto the idea that these things come in threes. Ed McMahon died two days ago from bone cancer. Well, it's not the best time to be a celebrity, it's always a little weird when a celebrity dies. I guess it because they're in the public eye, and when one dies, it reminds us how mortal we all are. But that's all I'll say about that.

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Day Four

Maybe it's because I'm writing about it, and so am more aware, or maybe because it's turning out to be a weird month for me, but it seem like so much is happening, lately, and will continue to happen.  What's more, it's getting hotter.  Yet, I'm sure when 4th of July comes around, FOG.  Because we can never just have a clear sky on the Fourth of July.

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Day Three

Got back from Tosca a while ago.  I would have updated so that I'm not in another day when I write this, but I got home and changed and had 15 minutes left if I wanted to accomplish that, so I didn't sweat it.

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Day Two

I am beyond tired.  I admit, I usually go to sleep at 2 or 3, and wake up at 11.  I've tried getting up earlier lately, but today I had to get up a 9 after going to sleep at 3.  That's 6 hours of sleep, but I basically hit the ground running, so I could have used 8 hours today.  Why did I go to sleep so late?  I was hit with inspiration, and spent much of the night trying to figure something out for one of my stories.  I had planned on going to sleep early, since I knew what time I had to get up, but I didn't pen "inspiration" into my schedule that night.  Anyway...

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Day one

Ok, let's see how well this works.  I want to try and take the advice of my writer's magazine and blog about a subject.  Seeing as I already have this account named "Diary of a Mad Cat Lady", I figured I might as well use it for writing about the life of an animal lover.  Well, I already tried this once before, but I think I can manage this now since I have NOTHING TO DO!!

Work my butt off to get a degree in Zoology, and can't even get a job without getting profession experience that you can't have unless you get the job your applying for which requires you to have experience!  Rawr!  Anyway...

Ugh, how do I adjust the brightness on my computer, I'm soo tired, my eyes hurt.

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